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Finally the end of hardware

What I like about this solution is the 6ft accuracy level and that I dont need wi-fi anymore to get a blue dot for indoor positioning. Bluetooth beacons cant even get me a blue dot at all.


Ive been waiting for the iOS release for months. I cant wait to get started!

Fabulous concept

This has the ability for all of us to Map the world. I wish the tutorial would get rid of the music and explain what it was doing. I am sure if you made it that video was perfectly clear, but tutors are clarifying that which was taught but is still not clear. Where did that floor plan in the tutorial come from? was it a picture of the shopping centers own floor plan? Could I walk around my House place the iphone-ipad in each corner of each room and generate a floor plan? Still, totally cool. Maybe with a bit of crowd sourcing, we could fix Apple Maps. Ah what a clever bunch of monkeys we are. Evolved primates rock!

Wont work

It wont calibrate at all no matter what.

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